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Sep 11, 2022

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It’s a libertarian fantasy — a shopping mall where you can purchase anything you want. Drugs, guns, and even nuclear weapons are available to the responsible, self-determined buyer. Welcome to the world of ALONGSIDE NIGHT, a secular and decidedly PG-13 libertarian-interest film co-starring and co-produced by Christian legend Kevin Sorbo and his wife, Sam Sorbo. Kevin plays infamous economist Dr. Martin Vreeland, whose ideas are deemed threatening by the U.S. government, but the real star of the movie is his character’s  16-year-old son, Elliot Vreeland (played by Christian Kramme.) Elliot has a precocious intellect and staunch right-wing economic views, so naturally women find him extremely sexy, and he carries himself with a Bond-like confidence. But can even a wunderkind such as he navigate an increasingly dangerous world, where gold is banned and armed FEMA soldiers are eager to re-educate him in a prison at the Al Gore Atmospheric Carbon Reduction Facility? It’s a thrilling adventure movie featuring some of the most unsympathetic characters in cinematic history, with bizarrely grandiose DIY filmmaking techniques that make for an endlessly compelling watch. We love this film and have been waiting for years for the right time to discuss it on the pod.

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