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Apr 18, 2021

This surprisingly reverent softcore porn with Christian themes presents three erotic, avant-garde vignettes based on Bible stories. Director Wakefield Poole, known for his hardcore gay sex films that did well at box offices during the heyday of big budget sex films in the early 1970s, tried to appeal to a more mainstream midnight movie audience with this heterosexual softcore take on the Bible. Unfortunately BIBLE! was a huge flop at the time, but it remains a fascinating look at a golden era of theatrically released sex films that will likely never be paralleled again in mainstream cinema. BIBLE! is fortunately fully restored and available on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome, the acclaimed film restoration and distribution company who specialize in genre and exploitation film. Co-founder Joe Rubin joins us with tons of historical knowledge about BIBLE’s production and reception at the time, and tips us off to many other religious smut films we can’t wait to check out later.

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