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Apr 7, 2024

A Christian millennial melodrama that is equal parts snarky and depressing, THIS IS OUR TIME is a love letter from director Lisa Arnold to the dreamers who graduated college in 2012 with wide eyes and a twitter account and tried to make a name for themselves. Five friends each leave college with greatly different career prospects; Ethan feels shame about being stuck in a sandwich shop while his high-achieving friends Ryder and Kate land high-powered entry level business careers, and his sister Alé and her husband Luke move to India to do outreach missionary work for children with leprosy. When Alé is randomly hit by a car and dies (the most Christian film plot point ever) the friends must reassess their dreams amidst the sobering daylight of reality. They begin a “viral” social media campaign to raise funds for Embrace A Village, a real life charitable organization that seems to have sponsored the film in some way, confusingly blending fiction and reality. THIS IS OUR TIME is an aggressively 2010s film that puts a Christian flair on millennial stereotypes of lattes, iPhones, and the concept of “adulting”. The film conclusively proves that millennials who were seniors in college in the year 2012 are some of the most annoying people to ever walk the earth.

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