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Mar 24, 2024

Can a robot become so intelligent that it acquires a human soul, and can we make it sexy? These are questions posed by THE ROBOT THE CREATOR by director Jasmine Deanne Andrews ( and co-writer Aaron R Sampson, a truly remarkable DIY Christian film with a huge amount of imagination, delivering an uncompromisingly ambitious story about killer robots and CIA laboratories but filmed on no budget in random people’s houses. The government asks a dream team of robotics scientists to continue their research years after one of their robots programmed with the “kill kill kill command” goes on a (you guessed it) killing spree, and the team reluctantly reassembles to perfect their research in a more ethical manner. They resurrect their experiment, a female robot named Auto Mae, but tragedy strikes after the team teaches her the comedy of Looney Tunes and she pushes a scientist off of a cliff because she thinks it would be funny (this is the actual plot of the movie). Auto Mae’s natural intelligence makes her curious about the creator of humanity, but ultimately, the human folly of imitating God by creating a robot is too big of a sin for God to ignore. Can the world’s top robotics team close Pandora’s Box before it’s too late?

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