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Nov 25, 2020

This radio play by Boys’ Bible Study and friends presents the story of Exodus 32 as you’ve never heard it before. While Moses is away having a sit-down with God on Mt. Sinai, the tribes of Israel are thirsty for a hot new deity to worship. The boys of the Exodus Experience podcast pressure Moses’s brother Aaron to build them a beautiful Golden Calf. When God gets jealous, the party of the year turns into a shocking tragedy. 


Produced by Ash

Written by Julian and Ash


Ash and Scott as the hosts of Exodus Experience

Julian as Moses

Charles Han as Aaron

Marlo Madlangbayan Gaite-de Joya as God

Crash Beretta as field reporter Crash Beretta

Alec Robbins as Aaron’s producer

Mary as the sexy radio voice and outro theme singer

and Boys’ Bible Study listeners as Golden Calf testimonials