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Oct 3, 2021

Happy birthday Kevin Sorbo! The legendary Christian genre film actor turned 63 last week, so we celebrate his career by watching one of his most recent performances. THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES is an audacious new Christian movie that force feeds us every single cliche we’ve come to know and expect from the genre. Yes, the innocent little girl’s childlike faith is powerful enough to literally make blind people see. Yes, the local news is so anxious to exploit her story that they risk ruining her life. Yes, Kevin Sorbo plays a man who turned into an atheist because his son died. It’s all here! But we were shocked to discover that THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES takes it one step further by daring to show us an imaginative depiction of what God could actually look like. Few filmmakers are bold enough to make this attempt. Despite its questionable opinions about topics such as prayer, health, birth, and death, we simply must salute this film for going all the way.

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