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Sep 19, 2021

Mike Norris (son of Chuck) directs and stars in this Christian survival fantasy about a Christian community working together to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic environment as a zombie death virus ravages the land. Norris plays a character named “Hunter Wilde” who is supposed to be the heroic leader of the Crossroads campground, but his selfish actions and terrible decision making routinely put the entire team at risk. The scene where he breaks quarantine to allow a girl to enter the camp who has potentially been exposed to the virus, which has a 100% death rate among the infected, is particularly telling. But this film is actually a rebranded re-release of a 2019 project, meaning it was pre-COVID, which makes its plot eerily prophetic. But it’s not just fear of deathly illness striking terror into the hearts of Crossroads citizens - the demon Baal, his demonic cohorts, and even a cell of dastardly ISIS terrorists pose additional existential threats. 

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