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Mar 10, 2024

What would you do if Christ hugged you in the church bathroom? Eight-year-old Kenneth immediately tells his parents, expecting them to be delighted, only to see them freak out and interrupt the entire church service to try to investigate who exactly is the man who hugged their son in the bathroom. It’s actually a pretty natural reaction, but we’re so used to faith-based films about magical Christ-like children wowing the grownups in their lives with barely any pushback on their stories that we were shocked that this molestation investigation arc took up a good portion of the plot of THE BOY WHO SAW CHRIST. This is the first film we’ve watched by director Kenya Cagle, but it will absolutely not be the last. Mr. Cagle is a singular auteur with a fascinating style and a bizarre website where you can buy a duffel bag with his film posters printed on it for $80. His vision is powerful and comes through despite his technical limitations; in fact he is able to use his resources well to tell a complex story of divine apparitions, resurrections from the dead, mental illness, and preaching the Word to Muslims with nothing more than a digital camera and some devoted actors. We decided to review THE BOY WHO SAW CHRIST solely based on its compelling title and amazing cover art, but it instantly became one of our new favorite films.

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