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Feb 12, 2023

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A new wave of satanic influence in media prompts Ash and Julian to conduct an emergency meeting. Sam Smith and Kim Petras’s recent televised performance of their Grammy award-winning collaboration “Unholy” leaves nothing to the imagination, as the two cavort onstage in plastic red devil horns while singing about marital infidelity (a subject never before covered in the medium of the pop song .) Meanwhile, in the virtual realm, insidious video game designers are playing god of their own hand-sculpted worlds by decorating them with explicit references to satanism and the illuminati. Truly, it seems that our elites have gotten so cocky that they can’t help but “let the mask[s] slip” — accidentally revealing their secret plots to dethrone God and cannibalize the innocent by leaving a series of elaborate clues meant to only be understood by the smartest people in the world. Fortunately for us, these geniuses have made a series of YouTube videos explaining what’s going on. What a relief!

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