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Mar 3, 2024

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Society keeps finding new ways to persecute Christians for having the correct faith and worldview. In director Daniel Lusko’s (JINGLE SMELLS) political thriller PERSECUTED, devout Christians feel threatened by a new law called the “Faith and Fairness Act”. This law attempts to make the religious landscape in America more “fair” in some vague way that we at Boys’ Bible Study unfortunately were not able to understand despite all three of us watching the the movie separately and trying to pay attention to it. Nonetheless, the vibes are off in America and only one man, the famous TV pastor John Luther, seems to be able to wield the power and influence needed to prevent this law from passing. When John uses his platform to challenge the American government, they attempt to silence him by making it look like he killed a girl in a car crash. Now disgraced and on the run as a fugitive, can John salvage his reputation while also preventing the country from becoming more fair? PERSECUTED is very typical of Christian films made at the end of the Obama era, when Christians vented their frustrations about liberal hegemony by imagining themselves as righteous warriors struggling against a political conspiracy.

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