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Mar 26, 2023

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A nun goes undercover in the mean streets of Baltimore to bring the word to the lost souls of The Gold Club, a strip club with an infamous “champagne room” that hides the secret of a prostitution ring. Director Jason Campbell, who also made one of our favorite recent films THE MAN WHO WENT TO HEAVEN, pulls no punches in this character drama, but gives us plenty of comic relief along the way. We follow Nancy as she is called by the Lord to Google the phrase “YouTube how to bartend”, and we laugh with her as she laughs alone while watching tutorials. We conspire with her as she quickly changes into her habit before entering the convent late for Bible study after a long night secretly working in the club. We also share her frustration at a world that seems fallen beyond repair — is the work of a solitary nun enough to change society? Or is it merely a drop of bitters in an ocean of soda water? Our friend Marina Kittaka, one half of game design team Analgesic Productions (Anodyne, Even the Ocean, Sephonie) joins us in our Los Angeles studio to watch this fascinating piece by one of the more promising of the currently active faith-based filmmakers.

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