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Oct 31, 2021

We bring light into an increasingly demonic world by introducing our gentle listeners to a Halloween film with a Christian message. HALLOWEEN HERO is a bizarre and delightful action-packed drama from Ashley Hays Wright, our new favorite director, who has created an astonishing amount of work in the past two years alone. Remarkably, this film was written by her 11 year old daughter, Cadence. Ashley and her whole family, including her homeschooled children, have written and starred in at least 10 features, as well as shorts, TV specials, a family sitcom, and various documentaries since 2019. Their work is clearly low budget and made quickly, but that level of ambition is pretty amazing. HALLOWEEN HERO stars Ashley’s husband, David Owen Wright, as a depressed alcoholic who chugs Manischewitz because he lost his wife when she was murdered on Halloween. Distraught, he plots his own Halloween suicide by marking Oct. 31 on his calendar with the word “DEATH!!”. But a chance encounter with a young trick or treater (played by Cadence) gives him newfound purpose, and helps him turn his life around.

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