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Sep 18, 2022

Ray Comfort is a prolific and singular auteur. His guerrilla proselytizing and DIY filmmaking techniques have turned him into a youtube phenomenon with tens of millions of views on hundreds of videos. We spotlight our fourth (!) Ray Comfort film to appear on this podcast, GENIUS — a documentary where Ray uses the life and career of John Lennon to create a conversation starter that allows Ray to lure unsuspecting members of the public into spiritually transformative discussions. We’re obsessed as usual with Ray’s bizarre, fast-paced style of speaking, and his obtuse hypotheticals. Questions about The Beatles suddenly devolve into — what would you do if you found a secret vault filled with money, and knew you could steal $2 million without being caught? Would you murder a woman’s husband if she told you he was “a rat”? Ray uses these queries as springboards to introduce his cattle-like public to concepts such as universal morality and false confessions.   He films the whole thing for us — every frantic filibuster, or every debate that turns into Ray and some mentally ill person screaming at each other about evolution, is captured for us in crisp digital. Join us Bible Boys as we are once again astonished by Ray’s beautiful mind and frightening perseverance. Ray knows all the right questions to ask, but he left out an important one — how are we going to get the Beatles off the roof?

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