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Feb 25, 2024

If God doesn’t exist, then how can you tell a good movie from a bad one? We ask ourselves this while attempting to review EYES FRONT, an extremely stylized feature from prolific music video director turned Christian film auteur Darren Doane. We first learned about Doane from his work on KIRK CAMERON’S SAVING CHRISTMAS, which Doane directs and co-stars in as a man who is missing the true spirit of Christmas. Doane seems to have an ability to pull more “famous” names than we’re usually accustomed to seeing in faith-based features; Michael Madsen stars in EYES FRONT, playing a gritty narrator on the run from the law after he kills his wife in a rage and dumps her body in the trunk of his car. His story is intertwined with the life of another murderer who was clearly inspired by American Psycho and is portrayed by Christopher Stapleton (not to be confused with the singer of the same name.) We also see this character kill out of rage, go on some cynical rants about his ex-girlfriend and how vegetarianism is stupid, and finally lash out once more at his identical twin brother who is a devout Christian. When two murderers and two twins’ lives intertwine at a final showdown in a diner, you won’t believe what happens next, and the reason you won’t is honestly because the story kind of degrades here and it’s very hard to gauge what is going on. Despite this, we appreciate a Christian film that is genuinely different than all the others we’ve watched, especially one that uses swears, including the dreaded “f-word”. Our friend and Christian music expert Josh Martin (Uncomfortable Brunch) returns to the show for the 3rd time to help us give this film some necessary context, especially with regards to its jam-packed soundtrack.

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