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Feb 19, 2023

We’re so excited to add a new genre of Christian film to our repertoire: anti-Catholic movies made by Protestants. What’s really going on in that weird little city called the Vatican? Brothers Casey and Wayne Harmberg allege that a cabal of Jesuit priests are working together to infiltrate the ranks of innocent churches to spread their insidious doctrine of universalism. They will also upset the economic balance of every country, creating the need for a one world currency that will usher in, of course, the New World Order we’ve come to know and love. Adding to the intrigue of ELIJAH’S SECRET is its marvelous visual style. CGI effects allow Jesuit priest Elijah to levitate and create protective magical force fields through his mastery of the occult arts. Barely any costumes are used, meaning scenes depicting the highest levels of military intelligence prominently feature characters such as an ancient man wearing a Beatles hoodie. The Harmberg brothers open ELIJAH’S SECRET with title cards urging viewers to embrace the controversy and to watch with an open mind. We did exactly that, and we will never look at the world quite the same way ever again.

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