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Dec 3, 2023

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Doreen Virtue is a fascinating Christian influencer considering she initially rose to cultural prominence as a popular New Age author, publishing over 50 books from the 1990s-2010s. Her work had a spiritual focus on angels, however from a non-denominational New Age perspective; “angel numbers”, direct contact with “personal angels”, and drawing upon angelic energies to heal are recurring concepts in Virtue’s oeuvre. Her life trajectory changed in 2017, when something amazing happened: Virtue saw God’s light and was baptized into the Episcopal Church, effectively leaving behind the entire body of work that made her famous enough for national TV appearances on shows like Oprah. But was this revelation a career killer? Not at all! The enterprising businesswoman that she is, Doreen Virtue managed to turn this abrupt spiritual pivot into a successful youtube channel, continued forays into publishing (this time on Christian concepts), and even an extremely entertaining meme page. We at Boys’ Bible Study have been wanting to cover Virtue’s work for a while; we finally decided it would be most interesting to hear her takes on the New Age economy that got her paid in the first place. In a Sept. 2023 youtube upload, Virtue and Christian author/influencer Jon Clash filmed their conversation about the lies behind the doctrine of “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction”, the popular New Age concept that our thoughts become actions and can change the universe. Being fascinated ourselves with the bizarre personalities profiled in THE SECRET (2006) documentary, we thought it would be fascinating to hear the once-reigning queen of New Age spill the tea on all her former scene cohorts. In this bonus episode, we use Doreen Virtue’s spiritual expertise to give us new ammo to take down the dreaded “Secret”, and we ponder whether Virtue’s pivot to Christianity was a sincere plot twist or an extremely well thought-out, cynical cash grab. Either way, we (the Christian content consumers) are the real winners.

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