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Mar 19, 2023

Ashley Hays Wright and David Owen Wright have become our favorite power couple of DIY Christian filmmaking. Together with their three daughters, they have produced over 20 feature films, some of which we’ve covered previously on our podcast: HALLOWEEN HERO, HALLOWEEN CANDYMARE, CHRISTMAS ZOMBIES, and THE EXORCISM IN AMARILLO. Although we’ve only scratched the surface of their vast catalog, we thought we had begun to fully understand these compelling artists and the reasons they create. We were wrong. We were tipped off to some stunning revelations about the Wright family’s past, assembled through several years’ worth of local news reports from various small towns. It turns out that both of the Wrights had separately worked as police chiefs, despite having limited or no police training, and both were separately fired from their positions under various controversies. David was charged with impersonating an officer, and people who knew him allege he made implausible claims about his work that seemed more like a movie than reality. Arrest warrants were evaded as the family began their nomadic journey together around remote areas of the United States while being called by God to start a church. It’s an exciting story, and it’s only endeared them more to us as artists — we can’t help but wonder if they know when the movie ends. Our longtime friend Brian Kamerer, a prolific novelist and podcaster behind the audio art project Books By Brian, joins us as we introduce him to the first family of faith-based filmmaking, and tells us about his upcoming debut feature film.

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