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Feb 11, 2024

For a wholesome Valentine’s Day message, we turn to the Christian denomination most versed in the art of love: the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We love any opportunity to repeat our hot take that the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) are the best filmmakers in all of Christianity; their productions are high quality, their actors are poised, and their branding and aesthetics are impeccable. We’ve learned through their films that the JWs absolutely HATE working long hours (because it disrupts their religious routine). They have ultra conservative social views and do not fraternize with LGBT people or really anyone at all who promotes worldly values that contradict “The Truth”. Family is important to them; in fact, even older teens must run all of their life and relationship decisions through their parents. The dating lives of JW teens are just one of the many topics covered in WHAT IS TRUE LOVE?, a film primarily about teenage infatuation and how it must be controlled by leaning on Jehovah. Protagonist Liz becomes “interested” in Zach, a classmate at her high school who has recently converted to JW, but is terribly disappointed when her parents refuse to allow them to date due to the fact that Zach is unbaptized and “high risk”. Liz’s fellow JW friend Meg ignores the red flags and begins dating Zach after Liz rejects him. Meg and Zach’s lives are completely ruined by this hasty decision to elope, which causes disgrace to their families and friends and threatens the couple’s chances at eternal life. Meanwhile, the prudent Liz gets another chance at love when a chance encounter with the hunky John makes her believe that he could one day become her “spiritual head”. A happy ending is only possible through Jehovah, and here at Boys’ Bible Study we love happy endings!

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