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Aug 20, 2023

Join us live in Los Angeles as Boys' Bible Study and American Cinematheque present... LET THERE BE LIGHT (2017) on Sun., Aug 27 at 10pm. Advance tickets on sale now!

Every so often, God calls upon you to watch a movie that makes you reexamine the big milestones of decision-making in your life, such as, “What if… I never hosted a Christian film podcast?” WHAT IF… is a Christian romantic drama about guardian angels and alternate timelines that would feel right at home in the 1990s trend of secular/faith-based crossover media such as TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. However, WHAT IF… was made two decades after this angelic era, and by a very consequential team of directors, writers and producers who would soon go on to achieve great success in the faith-based film genre. Director Dallas Jenkins (son of LEFT BEHIND co-creator Jerry B. Jenkins) would go on to direct THE CHOSEN, the hugely popular contemporary Christian TV series about the ministry of Jesus. Writers Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon would go on to create the consequential GOD’S NOT DEAD series just a few years after the release of WHAT IF…. Finally, WHAT IF… co-producer David A.R. White (already a famous name in the genre) and star Kevin Sorbo would soon be the lead actors in GOD’S NOT DEAD, cementing their respective statuses as the contemporary titans of Christian film. WHAT IF… stars Kevin Sorbo perfectly in his favorite typecast role of a ruthless, worldly atheist. In this case, his character Ben Walker leaves his relationship with his devoutly Christian high school sweetheart Wendy (Kristy Swanson) to start a new life in the big city as a rich and successful investment banker. Sounds great, but something must be missing… right? Right? Right!? Guardian angel “Mike the Angel” (John Ratzenberger) is sent by God to dispatch Ben to a more wholesome realm, where he never left Wendy and he gets to experience the richness of family life. Through Ben’s eyes, we learn that love is more important than money… but money definitely helps a lot!

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