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Mar 6, 2022

The story goes that young evangelist Phil Phillips embarked on a 14 day “Jewish fast” and then wandered into a toy store. He saw a figure of Skeletor and it disturbed him so much that it changed the entire course of his ministry. He then made many works intending to warn kids and parents of the “occultic” influence of children’s media. The most infamous of these works is TURMOIL IN THE TOY BOX, a book by Phillips that was adapted into a documentary called DECEPTION OF A GENERATION. On this VHS co-hosted by Gary Greenwald of Eagle’s Nest Ministries, the two men dig through popular 1980s children's’ toy and television franchises to hunt for insidious imagery within. They don’t have to look far! Scooby-Doo glorifies witches and spell books, He-Man is more powerful than God, and the Smurfs are a living representation of the death of the human body. Who better to pore over this loaded evidence with us than filmmaker, DJ, and Smurf historian Michael Bilandic? We discuss how an infantilized pop culture has essentially turned everyone into a Christian toy freak. Michael’s fantastic new film PROJECT SPACE 13 (2021) is out now for streaming on Mubi and on Blu-ray via Vinegar Syndrome.


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