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Dec 11, 2022

During our month of Christmas movies, we would be remiss if we didn’t cover a film that takes us back to Bible times to really show us the reason for the season. THE FOURTH WISE MAN is a classic piece of Bible fan fiction that contains all the hallmarks of the genre — white Hollywood actors in shawls, a zither music soundtrack, and a story about a fictitious Bible character that just so happens to be there for every major point of Jesus’ life story. Martin Sheen plays Artaban, a plucky young Magi who independently realizes the prophecy of Jesus’s coming, and sets out with his reluctant slave Orontes (Alan Arkin) to follow the star that we all know will lead to Jesus’s birth in the manger. But will he get there in time? Artaban is just such a good person that he keeps getting sidetracked along the way, including spending 30 years in a leper colony taking care of the sick. In THE FOURTH WISE MAN, the Christmas story is truly the friends we made along the way. In this episode, the Bible Boys ask the big questions, such as: what if Jesus were British? Why can’t lepers pull themselves up by the bootstraps? Magi son or thot daughter?

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