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Apr 14, 2021

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In part 8 of Rev. Beverly Dale's Christian sex ed. web series SEX IS GOOD, she introduces a segment on kink by changing from her clerical clothing into a fetish outfit with a low-cut top, long gloves, and a riding crop. It's quickly obvious that Rev. Bev isn't your ordinary minister, and neither are her views on the intersection of sex and Christianity. Far from typical lessons that sex is only reserved for married couples, and that lustful thoughts and pornography are to be shunned, Bev preaches a far more open lesson - that horniness is NOT a crime, and that sexual satisfaction is a gift from God that can be ethically explored outside of monogamy. But are Bev's progressive views a breath of fresh air, or a symbol of moral decline within the church? The Boys watch, discuss, and decide that Rev. Bev's philosophy seems positive and morally consistent, despite its unorthodox approach.

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