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Jun 27, 2021

Adapted from a YA fantasy novel written by the director (Chris Heimerdinger) himself, PASSAGE TO ZARAHEMLA takes teen fantasy tropes - such as unlocked supernatural abilities, time travel, and star-crossed lovers - and places them within a story fully based on the teachings of the Book of Mormon. Especially of note here is the alternate history of the Americas purported by Mormon lore - Nephites, Lamanites, and the evil Gadiantons are various indigenous American tribal factions that Mormons believe existed are direct descendants of the Biblical tribes of Israel. The film’s protagonist Kerra connects, possibly romantically, with a Nephite boy she meets in an alternate dimension, and an incredible adventure unfolds. Our friend Daniela, an ex-Mormon with family still deeply involved in the church, joins us for this conversation to provide a huge amount of context that made this film make so much more sense to us. Her fascinating life story will surely aid and influence our future discussions on Mormonism and their compelling body of film work.

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