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Nov 14, 2021

The GOD’S NOT DEAD series is back! The 4th installment of this franchise, WE THE PEOPLE, just came out on October 4th, and as of right now it’s exclusively streaming on Pure Flix. The king of Christian genre films, David A.R. White, reprises his role as Pastor Dave, and many of his church members from the previous films are back too. This time, the gang are involved in a new adventure - their homeschooling co-op is being busted by the feds, including a powerful local judge played by popular Trump-approved Fox News correspondent Judge Jeanine Pirro. The church members go to Washington D.C to argue their case, and while they’re in town, they look at statues and meditate on the principles of American greatness that support their Christian faith. The film takes aim at public schooling, the “common core”, and moral relativism in the GOD’S NOT DEAD signature brand of witty alarmism. You’ll learn that the founding fathers were not *all* slave owners, and that public schools want 7 year olds to learn about birth control. By the end of this rousing film, you’ll be on your feet shouting “I Am ‘We the People!’”

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