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Apr 5, 2020

The year is 2030, and Christians' rights are violated by oppressive institutions such as universal healthcare. Can a ragtag band of hacker jocks use their cyber skills to proselytize to the entire world? Lenny Flatley, the investigative journalist behind the podcast The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh joins us to analyze Freedom of Silence (2011) a Christian feature film with a libertarian bent. Along the way, we discuss at length the work of two of our favorite "outsider" filmmakers - ctom and Neil Breen.

Links to Lenny's work including his brilliant podcast can be found at "The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh" is Gabriel of Urantia, a self-proclaimed holy man who currently presides over a spiritual community (some call it a cult) in the desert of Southern Arizona. The eight part series investigates his life and times.

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