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Mar 31, 2021

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Famous British "mentalist" and television star Derren Brown is one of our personal heroes and favorite entertainers. Our appreciation for him, like most other things we cover on the show, is a confusing mixture of irony and sincerity that we ourselves struggle to pinpoint. Brown is essentially a hypnotist, who does not claim to possess magical or supernatural ability, but seemingly has learned how to manipulate people into feeling the way he wants them to feel.  His stunts over his career have involved him supposedly tricking people into thinking they are murderers, or that they've gone temporarily insane. But are these feats real, or just well-meaning contestants playing along? This podcast episode is an introduction to Derren Brown's vast body of work, focusing on a television special "Fear and Faith" where he uses the power of suggestion to evoke a transcendent moment of religious conversion onto an audience member who is a staunch atheist. Apologies to all our English listeners for the mean things we say about your beautiful country.

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