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Mar 27, 2022

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Magicians, astrologers, and psychics are all evil grifters, so why does minister Dennis Zech spend his free time doing card tricks for captive audiences of church congregations? He’s making a larger point about the devil’s deception. He explains: once you know how a magic trick works, you won’t be fooled again, and this is a larger metaphor for how reading the Bible is an immediate antidote for the devil’s lies. We watched a self-published DVD of one of Zech’s routines from an unknown year. We were a bit surprised to find that it was more like stand-up comedy than a magic show. We were also intrigued by the fact that he took time to tell his audience of mostly children how global warming isn’t real and that the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel means that the apocalypse is imminent.

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