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Dec 20, 2020

Christmas today is disgusting! We used to be able to look in department store windows and make pudding together as a nuclear family, but no longer. How can we take charge of the Christmas spirit in our own lives? There is a man with many, many theories about this and his name is Pastor Greg Robbins. His 2009 DVD Christmas Unwrapped uses documentary, dramatizations, interviews, and stock footage to fully deconstruct the true meaning of Christmas, and to provide an overload of ideas and solutions to “simplify” the holiday, which usually involve spending hundreds of dollars on various supplies. But can you put a price on making memories that last a lifetime? Our longtime friend and regular guest Dom Moschitti, the creator behind Paperback Paradise, actually found this DVD while digging through a Salvation Army, so he kindly takes us through the important information Pastor Greg has to share with the world.

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