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Nov 13, 2022

We are finally covering one of the most beloved and well-known pieces of Christian children’s entertainment — BIBLEMAN — and we have a special guest to help us. Harleigh Ellsworth is not only the star of the 2001 BIBLEMAN episode “LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION”, but she is also the daughter of Willie Aames (who plays the titular BIBLEMAN in addition to writing, directing, and editing the original series) and Maylo McCaslin (who voices BIBLEMAN’s trusty computer U.N.I.C.E.) Harleigh tells us how the BIBLEMAN franchise was almost fully a family production, since her father Willie Aames was so hands on in all aspects of the show, including spending nearly 9 months per year touring as a part of the elaborate Bibleman live show that drew crowds of kids all over the United States. The episode we focus on today is truly a family affair, since mom, dad, and daughter all appear in the cast. In LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION (2001), Harleigh plays Riley, a newly converted Christian 12-year-old who is tempted to rejoin her old friend group, who are bad influences on her and would not be beneficial to her on her spiritual path. Parallel to this Christian moral quandary is a storyline about an evil, hypnotic website called that recurring BIBLEMAN villain Luxor Spawndroth uses to tempt insecure Christians and lead them back to their sinful past lives. Can BIBLEMAN and his hacker protege Cypher stop Riley from throwing her faith away? It was a pleasure to get such an intimate, inside look at the media we cover from someone who was there to see it all happen, so we can’t thank Harleigh enough for spending the time to share her family’s unique story with us. Also, shoutouts to our friend Dana for assisting us with the research for this.

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