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Feb 27, 2022

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This VHS release by famous Christian propaganda wing Focus on the Family stars author and evangelist Mike Adkins telling a story about his unlikely friendship with a man… called Norman. In the style of a staged sermon, Mike delivers a one man show about how he earned the trust of this neighborhood eccentric, whose erratic antics scared and alienated everyone else in town. In fact, Mike directly credits the voice of God for giving him the boldness to intervene in this possibly disabled man’s life — which Mike then promptly mines for inspiration to sell a sermon series and VHS tape. The kindnesses Mike showed to Norman are undeniably generous, but the way he seems to mock Norman while imitating him for his show seem callous and weird. Is A MAN CALLED NORMAN fuel for a common criticism of Christianity — that its followers do good works to get to heaven, and not out of the sincerity of their own hearts? The Boys unpack this topic and share their experiences of the difficulties of caring for the Weird Guys in their own lives.

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