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Jul 31, 2022

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Jon is a pastor whose spiritual outbursts during church, such as shouting and running around the aisles, have made him the outcast of his congregation. After mass complaints, he is reassigned to shepherd a new flock. But imagine Jon’s surprise when he (a white man) gets to his new assignment only to learn he’ll be leading a historically black church. Members of his new congregation are either bemused or outright concerned by the cultural difference, but Jon quickly earns their trust through his open displays of spiritual ecstasy, which allow him to fit right in to a community where “shoutin’” is the norm when the spirit moves you. What follows is a fascinating and honestly quite wholesome story about culture shock that turns into mutual cultural appreciation. Of course we went into it with the worst of expectations for how this type of story would be handled, given the usual tenor of the mostly white and conservative films that tend to find us in our quest to watch every Christian film ever made. The perspective of black filmmakers and actors lent depth and sincerity to this story that could have gone very badly in the wrong hands. It was still pretty hilarious that Jon’s original church basically kicked him out for being “too black” for them. However, sometimes a fun fish-out-of-water story can just be a charming and silly film without having to ruin it by overthinking.

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