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Dec 25, 2022

Is this a bone-chilling crime thriller that somehow got rewritten as a Christian inspirational movie? Kirk Cameron in his prime stars in A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN, which sells itself as a whimsical comedy/drama about a young man who wants to adopt troubled kids into a loving family. What Kirk Cameron’s character Will actually does to accomplish this involves literally drugging and kidnapping an orphan, and in another case dressing as an angel to lure a girl out of her abusive parents’ home. Elevating the drama is the casting of Jussie Smollett, who made headlines in 2019 for faking a hate crime perpetuated against himself, in a supporting role as kidnapped orphan Salem Bordeaux. Salem is tough, streetwise boy whose dialogue is written in exaggerated AAVE, which Will and his disabled sister Violet are constantly correcting with “proper” English. Parallel plot lines, such as an ongoing FBI investigation and the impending closure of the town orphanage, make A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN an exciting and often chaotic film that never seems to land on the tone for which it’s aiming. Also, it takes place on Christmas! Sincere Christmas and holiday wishes to all who listen to Boys’ Bible Study.

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