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Mar 13, 2022

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Disguised as a heartwarming story of a young girl’s steadfast devotion to God, A BOX OF FAITH is classic Christian movie misdirection. Dior’s father is sent to jail after being framed for stealing from his workplace, and Dior opts to run away rather than be sent to foster care. She lives in her family’s storage unit, in which she finds a mysterious box that essentially allows her to mail her prayers directly to God and get an answer from Him almost instantaneously. But this plot goes off the rails quickly when several characters separately engage in discourse about how Dior deserves to have her prayers answered because she is good at earning money. She meets another homeless girl named Emma who is portrayed lazy and freeloading, and the Box notably doesn’t grant Emma’s requests. Also, an incompetent yet enthusiastic social worker named Ms. Ward takes great interest in Dior’s case because she thinks Dior is “ambitious” and “wants to do things in her life”. American Protestant media is always equating strong virtue with financial success, but the appearance of this theme in A BOX OF FAITH is shocking in what could have easily been a straightforward and silly story about the supernatural power of the Christian God. Our dear friend (and Ash’s roommate!) Jim Beird makes his podcasting debut to educate us on Arizona culture and ruminate with us as we ask - does God really have a plan for our pathetic little lives? 

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