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Sep 10, 2023

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We return with our long-awaited review of the hotly anticipated sequel to Unequally Yoked, the feature film comprised of slice-of-life vignettes about relationships in which one person’s lack of seriousness about Christ threatens to drag the other behind. UNEQUALLY YOKED, PART II does something we frequently see from DIY filmmakers making their sophomore effort, which is to assume that their audience is deeply invested in the characters they’ve created and push their stories further than necessary in a way that doesn’t really fit the mission statement of the first film. In this case, however… the plan worked! We at Boys’ Bible Study found ourselves asking — whatever happened to the Bell Family? How will Ce Ce and Jeremiah adapted to newlywed life? Is Marcus leaving the path of the hustler behind? And, gentle listeners: we simply could simply not have predicted what goes on between Dante and Candy. Once again set in a predominantly black Baptist congregation in Indianapolis, IN, and once again featuring the catchiest theme song we’ve ever heard in a DIY Christian film franchise, UNEQUALLY YOKED, PART II is a low budget sensation that already has us itching to review its spin-off film THE BELL FAMILY CHRISTMAS once the holiday season comes around later this year. 

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