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Jul 11, 2021

The final frontier of Christian filmmaking is -- horror. It's a genre that captivates even the most insular Christian artists, so it's natural that attempts have been made to create heart-pounding films that still manage to carry a biblical message. THR3E, based on the novel by prolific Christian thriller/fantasy author Ted Dekker, is a deeply confusing endeavor in this category that gets so hung up on trying to do everything that it does nothing. A terrorist called the Riddle Killer targets Kevin Parson, a handsome seminary student, by planting bombs that Kevin must diffuse by calling upon his knowledge of Bible verses. Meanwhile, Kevin is haunted by the sins of his past and the trauma of abuse he suffered at the hands of his bizarre family. As Kevin's sanity unravels, so does the plot, launching into a series of elaborate twists that test the patience of even the most devout cinema-goer. Joining us in the Sunday School classroom this week is author Maggie Siebert, whose debut book BONDING is a collection of terrifying and deeply compelling short stories that inspire waves of dread. Since Maggie is a horror movie expert with a Catholic background, we ask her - is effective Christian horror even possible?

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