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Jun 23, 2024

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We continue our study of the great Kenya Cagle’s filmography with this psychological thriller about the most dysfunctional family to ever live… and die. Stacy’s family is haunted by tragic violence, from the disappearance of her mother to the imprisonment of her brother Leroy in a mental institution after he killed their father. Stacy now hides with her grandma “Momma” in a remote cabin in Long Island, but their plans to lay low are thwarted one dark and stormy night when Leroy shockingly turns up at their door, having escaped the institution. Leroy fixes himself a sandwich in an excruciatingly long scene as Stacy and Momma plan their escape. Guns are drawn, tires are slashed, and a helpful policemen is stabbed as the grandma/daughter duo attempt to reason with Leroy, who they’re worried could kill them in a confused rage. But is Leroy really the danger here? Food related memories, from Leroy’s bologna sandwich to Stacy and Leroy’s favorite gumbo as a child, could unlock the secret to twisted family history. This “Caglevision” film is barely a Christian movie, but it’s worth a watch to experience yet another one of Cagle’s overwrought family dramas where a mother figure is painted as the ultimate evil. Kenya Cagle is a truly inventive storyteller who directs compelling performances out of amateur actors, and even though he has a tendency to “lose the plot” and focus on story details we as viewers really don’t care about at all, it’s always impressive and entertaining to see what he can accomplish on a shoestring budget.

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