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Oct 10, 2021

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Conservatives seem perpetually frustrated that film and television doesn’t reflect their values and their sense of humor. Auteur Lenny Britton has attempted to remedy this a few times over the years, most recently with his Bernie Sanders parody film FREE LUNCH EXPRESS. Before that, in 2017, he released the pilot to a miniseries called THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BILLY POTWIN. The pilot stars child actor Jonah Britton, who we assume is Lenny’s son. Jonah was somehow born with the most conservative face ever bestowed on a person, so he is cast perfectly to play Billy Potwin - a precocious tyrant with enthusiastic conservative politics. Billy terrorizes his family by constantly trolling them about their shrill, liberal views on climate change, race relations, and education. He only spares his beleaguered father, Nate Potwin, played by Christian film legend Kevin Sorbo. Father Nate and son Billy represent the two kinds of conservatism that audiences could potentially identify with - Nate is the reasonable, tolerant family man who has his opinions but just wants everyone to get along - and Billy is the impish upstart who isn’t afraid to stir things up to get what he wants. IMDB and other sources claim that THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BILLY POTWIN was developed into a full show with 10+ episodes, however these are absolutely nowhere to be found, to the point where we are starting to believe they don’t really exist. Oh well!

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