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Nov 21, 2021

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A six-part multimedia program that “empowers parents to have healthy, ongoing conversations with their kids about love, sex, and relationships”, THE WHOLE SEX TALK is a confusing mess of mixed messages about the subject matter paired with animation that is literally hard to watch because the motion graphic design hurts the eyes. Contemporary Christian sex ed struggles with maintaining a “cool” dispassionate tone that might appeal to teens while still hammering them with the same broad, strict rules that have become synonymous with Christian culture. This series, released as recently as 2018, heavily promotes abstinence and takes the tone that homosexuality is simply not okay - it’s anti-Christian and must be “struggled with”. Ultimately, the biggest flaw of this series is its insistence that something so inherently messy as sexual desire can be explained with tidy categories, such as a silly list of “the 8 steps of a physical relationship” (Step 7: Intimate Touch with Clothes On). 

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