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Oct 9, 2022

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This October, we once again strive to guide you down the righteous path by exposing you to wholesome media that still satisfies the natural human fascination with the macabre. First up? Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, Detroit Rock City, etc.) stars in the film adaptation of THE VISITATION, a book by preeminent Christian supernatural fiction author Frank Peretti. Any appreciator of Christian pop culture should know about Peretti, whose thrillers have lined the shelves of many a church library from the 80s onward. It’s obvious that Peretti sees his work as cinematic, since he takes a great interest in film adaptations of his books. He’s co-produced, co-written, and even acted in films such as HANGMAN’S CURSE (2004), another Peretti-sourced story which we’ve previously covered on our show. THE VISITATION takes advantage of Edward Furlong’s charmingly creepy drawl by casting him as a mysterious small town stranger named Brandon who stuns the community by performing Christlike signs and miracles. But as Dark Brandon’s disturbing motivations unfold, it becomes clear that his power comes not from God — but from a force far, far more sinister.

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