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Jun 30, 2024

The ominously named Wallbuilders organization, founded by David Barton, have a mission to “[help] Americans remember and preserve the true history of our great nation.” That’s great I guess, but what exactly is it that they… do? One of their main cultural outputs seems to be a documentary series affirming the Christian history of the United States, so we at Boys’ Bible Study couldn’t think of a more fun and enlightening way to celebrate Fourth of July than spending two hours absorbing THE SPIRITUAL HERITAGE OF THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL. Basically, someone let David Barton in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., and he spent his night there filming a guided tour of the art and artifacts within the space, showing how each piece proves that the mission of the Founding Fathers was explicitly Christian. We learned a ton about the Christian habits and exploits of the greatest guys of all time, and we see fun art objects such as a painting of the baptism of Pocahontas, and a cool statue of an astronaut (not Christian.) Curiously, David Barton and the Wallbuilders never say in the documentary what the conclusion is that they draw from poring over all of this evidence. It seems like they want to say that the idea of a separation between church and state should be abolished, but they don’t ever actually say that — instead, they just kind of drone on about how it’s sad that public schools don’t teach that John Quincy Adams read the Bible once per year. Despite there being some genuinely interesting facts dispensed, and they filmed fun historical reenactments of guys in powdered wigs talking about stuff, we can’t help but conclude that if the Founding Fathers thought Christianity should be the explicit law of the United States, they would have written it in the damn Constitution. No one was stopping them. Next!

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