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Nov 26, 2023

In this Christian courtroom drama, Jesus is found GUILTY… of being resurrected from the dead so that we may have eternal life. Bakersfield, California based auteur Barry Zoeller clearly called upon his skills as a TV news anchor and producer to create this competent and well-paced retelling of Bible times events in the modern day. At the moment THE PROSECUTOR appears to be Mr. Zoeller’s only feature still available online, digitally distributed by Great American Pure Flix (formerly Pure Flix). We are very intrigued by his 1990 short film TEMPTATION CONTROL CENTER, about an NSA-style surveillance team within a teenager’s head who monitors temptation, but at the moment we cannot find this film available to view online. THE PROSECUTOR however had a VHS release in the 80s and stars a very competent cast who enact a court case that supposes Jesus was crucified and resurrected in modern day and the state was attempting to quash His growing reputation by declaring Christian thought to be functionally illegal. A series of witnesses including scientists, military personnel, and Jesus’s disciples are brought on the stand to be grilled by the conniving attorney general and then questioned by the story’s hero, Michael Lindsey, a young Christian attorney who risks ruining his reputation to defend Jesus’s impossible story in the trial of the century. An onscreen title at the end of the film asks us, the audience, to be the jury in this trial; we at Boys’ Bible Study can only conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Jesus is alive!

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