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Feb 18, 2024

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The fictional First Family of conservative entertainment, THE POTWINS, are back with new episodes of their show after a several year hiatus. Portrayed by an all star cast, including Kevin Sorbo, Barry Bostwick, and special guest star Jon Lovitz, THE POTWINS are a family of greatly differing political views who still manage to find common ground with each other. We previously reviewed this show in its earlier incarnation as THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BILLY POTWIN, which starred Jonah Britton (possibly the son of writer/director Lenny Britton) as an intellectually precocious young libertarian who is able to mischievously outsmart all the adults in his life, especially the dumb liberals. Billy is back but takes a smaller role in favor of Kevin Sorbo’s lead role as patriarch Nate Potwin, whose more sensible, “Can’t we all just get along?” vibe echoes the theme of the show. THE POTWINS is now being marketed as the official show of X (formerly Twitter), despite a lack of official endorsement from X CEO Elon Musk or any other X staff. Nevertheless, new THE POTWINS episodes are being uploaded on there with the handle @TheShowOnX in case you were ever craving watching a 20 minute conservative sitcom on your phone as you scroll through memes. The debut episode of THE POTWINS is called “Blue Caller” and it’s a comedy of errors where an idiotic liberal gay couple is suing Nate Potwin when a misunderstanding leads them to believe Nate is violating their constitutional rights by denying them service at his hardware store. Has the whole world gone mad? (This is literally a line from the show.)

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