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May 21, 2023

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A confused man relies on his notes to piece together the tatters of memories of things he’s experienced mere minutes ago in order to communicate his sad reality to an audience that pities him — but enough about Boys’ Bible Study podcast! Our movie this week is a new entry in our series exploring the immense catalogue of filmmaker Jason Campbell (THE MAN WHO WENT TO HEAVEN, NUN NANCY, THE STORY OF MOTHER’S DAY) who specializes in slice-of-life films that feature surprisingly sophisticated storytelling paired with bizarre technical decisions related to sound, photography, and editing. THE NOTEBOOKS takes a relatively common, yet tragic story of a senior man struggling with a severely impaired memory, and elevates it to the realm of the surreal with sound effects that feel like a haunted house, and a bizarre scene where protagonist Preston Walker turns on a TV just to laugh while watching the static. On a nostalgia trip back to his hometown to reclaim memories of his childhood, Preston influences God’s will to fix the life problems of many strangers he encounters along the way, but he struggles with the limitation of needing to write every single detail of his life down in one of his many notebooks to remember basic things such as where he parked his car, and the names of his family members. Could these ordinary notebooks contain a powerful healing secret that enriches Preston’s life, and the lives of the people around him? You’ll have to tell us, because we forgot!

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