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Feb 6, 2022

Since the dawn of Christian mass media and pop culture, people have been fascinated by stories of those who gained supernatural insight into the realms of life after death, but came back to earth to tell the tale. Near death experiences are a common vehicle for this, and have provided fodder for many popular books, movies, and daytime talk show appearences over the years. Notably, a young boy named Colton Burpo provided the vision for HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, a 2010 New York Times best selling book that got adapted into a film of the same name that we’ve previously reviewed for our show. Last year, we received a powerful new addition to this canon -- the completely fictionalized story of David Burrows, the titular MAN WHO WENT TO HEAVEN. David is a grocery store employee who was shot in a robbery attempt and died on the operating table for 20 minutes, during which time he visited heaven and learned of the spiritual destinations of many of his loved ones on earth. Heaven is depicted in the most incredible way in this movie -- CGI renderings of humans and angels look like genuinely beautiful y2k rave visuals, or Second Life avatars. The film is full of funny and shocking moments, including shows within a show (Dean Cain cameos as a doubting pastor on a TV show titled “Heaven!”). The film offers some wild commentary on abortion and criticizes spiritual leaders who deny the experiences of the common man. It’s one of the most compelling films we’ve watched for our podcast, and we hope you enjoy our review!

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