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Apr 10, 2022

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There’s actually not a ton of information online about THE GOOSEHILL GANG. It’s a book series authored by Mary Blount Christian, a prolific children’s book author who has published work outside of the Christian sphere as well as within. Loosely based on these books was a 5 episode home video series directed by Stephen Erkel in 1980. Lead child actress Allison Balson is a notable cast member in all of these, since she later appeared in a recurring role in the 1980s TV series LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. Still, THE GOOSEHILL GANG doesn’t have a nostalgic fan community online, nor anyone who seems to have dedicated time to archiving information about it. (If anyone has more info, please contact us at Although we didn’t have a lot of clues to follow, we were intrigued to cover this series — in fact, Bible Boy Scott owns a GOOSEHILL GANG episode on VHS from his days collecting forgotten tapes for Everything Is Terrible. We dive into two episodes. Notable is THE MYSTERY OF THE TREEHOUSE GHOST, where “gang” member Michael continues to defy his parents by reading ghost stories they would prefer he not read. The rest of Michael’s friends support his parents unequivocally, stealing the ghost books from him and reminding him he is not allowed. We also check out THE MYSTERY OF THE HOWLING WOODS, where the strong Christian faith of the Goosehill Gang leads them to not be afraid of a convicted armed robber who has escaped from prison and is hiding nearby in the woods where they are camping. If you’re a ten year old with God on your side, you’re basically immortal - unless you’re in the wrong kind of Christian movie and you perish from a sudden illness.


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