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Dec 26, 2021

On Christmas Eve, a terrorist with a heart of gold (Tom Sizemore in his best career performance) threatens to nuke Washington D.C. unless a handpicked team of the most intelligent people in the world will meet with him to debate moral and political topics. Stephen Baldwin joins THE GENIUS CLUB as a pizza delivery guy with a 220 IQ. Also with them are a seminary student, casino owner, and baseball player who all scored high on IQ tests. What follows is essentially a radical centrism manifesto where characters are sitting around a table screaming about why gas prices are too high while a proverbial gun is held to their head. THE GENIUS CLUB is, true to its name, the most intellectual Christmas movie ever made, so we are thrilled to discuss it with a true Christian genius Trans Regret Snoopy. Her podcast Trans Regret Snoopy Presents the Bible provides a calming scriptural solace for the misfits, rejects, and extremely online. 

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