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Oct 23, 2022

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It all started when Ashley Hays Wright accidentally brought an occult book into her home that was somehow mixed in a box of Christian books she bought on Craigslist. In doing so, she opened a “doorway” for demonic influence in her life that went as far as to possess her eldest daughter. Fortunately, the Hays Wright family lived to tell the tale, now immortalized in their feature film THE EXORCISM IN AMARILLO, in which the family portrays themselves as they reenact this dark period in their lives. With a massive body of work spanning at least 10 features and just as many short films, TV specials, and documentaries, the Hays Wrights have proven themselves to be the hardest working family in Christian showbiz. They are also a unique voice in Christian film because they are unafraid to tackle supernatural and horror elements in their work, making them perfect to spotlight for our October rundown of Christian thrillers. But in all of their prolific filmography, THE EXORCISM IN AMARILLO stands out as one of their creepiest statements. Why? Because it proves that Christian horror can hit close to home when you let the wrong art into your life.

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