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Jan 1, 2023

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Have you ever wanted to enter... The CheyZone™? Perhaps you were so enamored by our reviews of Tim Chey movies that you fantasized yourself living within one. You could imagine yourself as one of the high IQ geniuses who are forced to confront a terrorist in THE GENIUS CLUB, or an A-list actor wanted for murder in LIVE FAST, DIE YOUNG. What if we told you that your desire could finally come to life? This 90 minute audio piece uses segments from Tim Chey films to weave together a simulation of life in The CheyZone™, which is a term we coined to mean the climax of every Tim Chey movie where all of the characters start screaming at each other about Christian dogma and moral debates. Chey is one of our favorite directors, and we consider his writing style fascinating. We love the way that all of the characters gradually lose their identities and become a kind of Greek dramatic chorus that helps Chey prove his point about such topics as evolution not being real, or car alarms being literally invented by the devil to torment mankind. Happy new year! We hope you'll enjoy this special presentation, and we wish you many long nights this year arguing with your loved ones about culture war issues. 

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