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Oct 30, 2022

A key to understanding Christian horror films is to remember that the demonic possessions and devilish hauntings the films depict could actually happen to you and your family. SPIRITS AMONG US is a delightful low-budget flick from one-time director Ray Jenkins which shows that even demons you yourself didn’t summon can still impact your life. In the film, a Christian family moves into a home that they didn’t realize was formerly the site of satanic rituals. Although Mark, Janice and their daughter Julie are devout Christians with a perfect, loving family dynamic, the residual effects of these terrible ceremonies are ruining their lives. Poltergeist activity starts to develop, centering on a creepy ventriloquist dummy that Mark owns for some reason. In the end, it’s only consulting with a pastor that cleanses the family of their previous tenants’ sins. Fortunately for us, the pastor character gives us a step by step guide for how to rid our own homes of evil. Remember, these demons are just like those you might battle in real life as a Christian, so pay attention! And thank you for spending your Halloween season with us instead of out there “trick or treating” with fallen souls in this dark, secular world.

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