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Jan 8, 2023

We celebrate the Holy Trinity today as we complete our 3rd full year of weekly Boys’ Bible Study episodes. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are the ones ACTUALLY holding the microphones — we just talk into them. As is our tradition, we mark a new beginning with a special meta episode where we look back at all we learned about Christian cinema through the previous year. We ask and answer important questions such as: who is John Lennon? Why does God let bad things happen to girls with pixie cuts? Are we really in heaven, or is that just what the nice man who kidnapped us wants us to believe? We also once again finish our year-end roundup with the 3rd annual GOLDEN CALF AWARDS, where we recognize excellent Christian films in categories of our own creation. Whether you’ve listened to Boys’ Bible Study from the beginning, or are newly joining us this week, we hope this episode will be a comprehensive look into both the history and also the current trends of Christian cinema!

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